Ship Your Side Project 2.0: Six Week Side Project Accelerator for Technology Professionals

ship your
side project 2.0

A six-week online bootcamp for tech
professionals working on side projects.

Fall Session: 9/24 - 11/5

At Ship Your Side Project, we believe that you are more than just your day job.

We help developers, engineers, and tinkerers of all kinds successfully launch that website/app/game they've been building on the side. Our six-week bootcamp brings you together with other tech professionals and provides the tools, guidance, and accountability to get unstuck and finally ship that thing ... without ruining your life in the process.

Don't give up on your side project. Let us help you make it real.

Fall Applications are Open

The Fall round of Ship Your Side Project kicks off on Sat Sept 24th and runs through Sat Nov 5th. Submitting an application takes less than 10 mins — just tell us a bit about you and your project.


Last day to apply is Sunday September 18th.


"Ship Your Side Project was essential to getting ntwrk to where it is today, which is launched in the App Store. If you're serious about working on something specific and getting it to the next point, it's a great investment."

Joshua Pinter


Why is your side project still on the sidelines?

You're smart. You've got ideas. You can get stuff done. But every time you try to do a side project, something happens.

It starts off strong, but then you get busy. You get stuck. You get scared.

You fell off track and nothing got shipped.

It's easy to blame yourself. You're just not smart enough, not creative enough, not motivated enough, to make that podcast / blog / Meetup group work.

It turns out, the things that make you great at your job - having a clear mission, having accountability, and a community - are probably missing when it comes to your side project.

And that's where we come in.

How it Works

Ship Your Side Project offers a group of 30 professionals a chance to make significant progress on their side projects through training, mentorship, and community.

The program lasts six weeks (next session starts Sept 24th!) and each week includes two focused assignments, an expert video interview about a successful side project, and office hours with one of our hand-picked mentors we've assigned to work with you.

The program focuses on setting two major milestones for your side project: one at three weeks, one at six weeks, and ends when you "launch" your side project right here on

Program Schedule

Every week of Ship Your Side Project was carefully developed to keep you on track and help you launch your project. Explore the program below:

In the first week, we ask you to take a step back and understand why this project matters to you. We also push you to get your project time on the calendar, with an emphasis on the consistent, ongoing effort (vs sporadic bursts of activity).

  • Assignment 1: Set the Stakes
  • Assignment 2: Build Consistency
  • Expert Interview: Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya / Creative Habit

In the second week, we're looking at where you want to be at the end of the program, with both final and midpoint goals. We also ask you to consider where and how you work most productively and arranage your space and schedule accordingly.

  • Assignment 3: Set Your Milestones
  • Assignment 4: Organize the Lab
  • Expert Interview: Brian Foo / Data-Driven DJ

By this week, you should start hitting your stride and making a lot of progress on your projects. We help you avoid past mistakes by thinking through what's worked before and what's failed for your previous side projects and we conduct a formal review of your midway progress.

  • Assignment 5: Mine Your Past
  • Assignment 6: Midprogram Checkin
  • Expert Interview: Rachel Nash / Upscale Hare

In this week, we are really starting to see things come together and our focus is on maintaining momentum. We'll ask you to look at ways to keep your projects fun and identify mentors, collaborators, and fans/customers for your work.

  • Assignment 7: Keep it Fun
  • Assignment 8: Build Your Tribe
  • Expert Interview: Lana Li / HelloLana

The finish line is now in sight, but the amount of work left can feel daunting and you might feel a little burned out and like you're running out of time. This week's assignments are designed to get you back on track and identify opportunities to eek out more time for your project

  • Assignment 9: Stealing Time
  • Assignment 10: Lapse/Relapse
  • Expert Interview: Jason Shen / Great F*cking Startup Advice

This is the final push! We're pushing you to pull out all the stops to launch your project. That means scoping down the work, putting a bandaid over uncompleted areas, and focusing on that first impression. This is also a chance to reflect back on everything that's happened and recommitting to the project.

  • Assignment 11: The Final Kick
  • Assignment 12: To Infinity and Beyond
  • Expert Interview: Jen Dewalt / 180 Websites

Expert Training

We've interviewed some of the most creative and prolific side-project professionals to understand how they approach their side projects. Each week, participants receive one new video with one of our experts.

Rachel Nash

Day Job: Product Designer at Etsy
Side Project: Upscale Hare, a handmade jewelry business

Jason Shen

Day Job: Product Manager, Etsy
Side Project: Great F*cking Startup Advice, a viral website with strong-worded advice for founders

Lana Li

Day Job: Creative Director at Teikametrics
Side Project: Hello Lana, a YouTube channel inspiring millenials to get creative in the kitchen

Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya

Day Job: Art Director at Primacy
Side Project: Creative Habit, a new illustration, finished in under one hour, released daily

Jennifer Dewalt

Day Job: Founder of Zube
Side Project: 180 Websites, learning to program by coding a website every day for 180 days

Brian Foo

Day Job: Application Developer at the New York Public Library
Side Project: Data-Driven DJ, music experiments that combine data, algorithms, and borrowed sounds

Who We Are

Jason Shen is a Product Manager at Etsy, previously co-founded a venture-backed YC startup, and served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. He earned a BS and MS in Biology from Stanford where he was captain of the NCAA national champion mens gymnastics team.

Jason is the creator of Great Fucking Startup Advice and writes about technology and culture. His article An Open Letter to Managers of Women has been read over 300,000 times.

Amanda Phingbodhippakkiya is an Art Director at Primacy, TED Resident, and founder & CEO of The Leading Strand, an initiative that uses design to shine a light on scientific research. She earned an MFA from Pratt Institute and a BA in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia.

Amanda is the creator of Creative Habit, a project where she illustrated a new piece of art every day — over 300 and counting.

The SYSP Mentors

Each Ship Your Side Project participant is assigned one of our four mentors, all of whom were hand-picked for their enthusiasm, tech experience, and passion for side projects. You can turn to your mentor for 1-on-1 support and accountability through weekly "office hours" and via our MightyBell-powered online community.

Song Hia

Product strategist and certified Scrum master. Percolate, ITP, and Ignite NYC.

Nina Joshi

Product Strategist, Designer, Engineer. AT&T Foundry, Barnes & Noble Nook Media, HP (Palm), and Stanford.

Brian Scordato

CEO at Tacklebox Accelerator. 3x startup founder, innovation consultant, and investor.

Janet Chang

Data-driven marketer. Quantified Self expert and 2x US Nat'l short track speedskating competitor.

Make 2016 the Year You Finally Ship Your Side Project

The end of the year is coming on quick! Make the most of it by enrolling in Ship Your Side Project. Applications take less than 10 mins to complete!


Last day to apply is Sunday September 18th.


Ship Your Side Project is for people who are serious about making their personal projects happen, and we ask for a real time and financial commitment.

The program fee for Ship Your Side Project Fall 2016 is $650.

This payment is made upfront, before the program begins. We do have a 3-part payment program available (see application form) and a limited number of scholarships for disadvantaged applicants.

We've found that this program fee separates those who are dreamers from those who are serious. We've each invested thousands of dollars in programs, courses, and activities that have paid off for us in our professional and personal lives, and we believe Ship Your Side Project could make a big impact on yours. We're so confident in what we do that we offer a 21 day money-back guarantee.

Our Personal Guarantee

Participate in Ship Your Side Project for 21 Days, 100% Risk-Free

We know that Ship Your Side Project and we'll let you in on the first three weeks 100% risk free.

You can get halfway through our program, decide it isn't for you, and get your entire program fee back. We'll even eat the credit card fees.

Why are we so confident?

Amanda and I have put hundreds of hours of work into this program and we have spent years working on our own side projects. We've had over a dozen professionals put down their hard-earned cash for this program and we've seen the results. Some of them have shared their stories below.

So we know this stuff works. But we also know nothing works unless you do.

Just show us that you're putting in the work and we'll give you a full refund. If you're planning to join and not do any work, just do us all a favor and don't even sign up.

But if you complete even one of our action steps, or join one of the weekly calls, and you're not completely and utterly satisfied, just email us within the first three weeks of the program and we'll refund you 100%.

We created this program because we know that side projects have the potential to transform lives and we're so excited about that possibility. We want you to experience that breakthrough risk-free and that's why offer such an amazing guarantee.


Here's what previous participants in Ship Your Side Project have to say about the program:

"The content of Ship Your Side Project was really well prepared. I also liked the group hangouts - it was a great way to exchange ideas and experiences. Looking back to what I've acheived this past year, it was totally worth it."

Mario Gonsales Ishikawa


Adam Duvander

"Ship Your Side Project was such a great experience for me. For years I have been tinkering with this idea of an API comparison website. SYSP provided the structure, the feedback, and the accountability for me to finish and ship my side project."


"Ship Your Side Project was essential to getting ntwrk to where it is today, which is launched in the App Store. If you're serious about working on something specific and getting it to the next point, it's a great investment."

Joshua Pinter


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The program fee for Ship Your Side Project is $650. We are awarding a small number of heavily-discounted scholarships to disadvantaged applicants (see form).

How long is the program?

Fall session: Saturday 9/24 — Saturday 11/5. Applications are due Sunday 9/18 Midnight Pacific

How much time does Ship Your Side Project take?

Participants should plan to devote at least 5 hours a week towards their project and SYSP throughout the course of the program.

Is Ship Your Side Project an online class?

No. The program is not meant to "teach" you new skill. It's meant to get you to take action - because you already know how to ship, you just have to do it.

Who is this for?

Ship Your Side Project is designed specifically for the needs of midcareer tech professionals. So if you're a designer, engineer, community manager, PM, or copywriter with 3-5 (or more) years of experience working at a startup, an agency, a dev shop, or a tech giant, you'll be right at home with this program. This isn't to say that people in other field or in other roles can't apply for the program or won't get a lot out of it, but because we are building a community, we think this type of person will get the most out of it and relate best to each other.

Why is an application necessary?

So much of the value of this program is assembling a diverse group of professionals who are ready to get to work, and want to support others in that journey. You will be sharing your work with others. The application helps understand whether you are ready to embark on this work, and allows us to shape a strong batch of members.